Friday, July 29, 2011

{ seventwothree & her Wild Rose & Co. Marketplace Debut }

Look at this wonderful boutique!
Everything about this lovely shoppe screams my name and makes me squeal!

And squealing I am! My little seventwothree just had her debut in this FABULOUS shoppe! 
{can you even BELIEVE IT? I am still pinching myself !}

{You can see lots of fabulous photos of Wild Rose & Co. Marketplace and all of their beautiful items on Facebook}

Please stop in and look around. You will be amazed at all of the loveliness! And if you are in the area {you lucky dog you} definitely pop in the store. The store is always hosting something fun and exciting!

Recently I sent the Sweet, Sweet Jami of Freckled Laundry one of my wool Rosette was love at first sight...

...the next thing I know she is ordering these FIVE BEAUTIES and calling Lynette over at the Wild Rose & Co. Marketplace and showing her photos of my little lovies.

It wasn't long and Wild Rose & Co. Marketplace was happy to have "said Lovies" in their beautiful, beautiful boutique. I can not believe how fortunate I am. Fortunate that I have so many wonderful FRIENDS who believe in me. Thank you all for that.
{thank you Jami for making this a reality for me...i love you!}

 I can not wait to make a road trip up to Maryland to see it myself. I drool over all their photos. So much goodness, big and small to be had here.
   It was so much fun seeing this come to life...and an honor to be included in such a darling little shoppe.
I look forward to creating unique new items to share with you all and with Wild Rose & Co. Marketplace.
 {hint.hint.there is some good old fashioned yummy stuff coming up}

 Making these creations has been a long love of mine. realizing a dream is a wonderful feeling. thank you for sharing in this small triumph with me. You are all, each and every one of you, so wonderful!

 These items are now available at Wild Rose & Co. Marketplace.
Coming soon to new online wool shoppe. Stay tuned for more information.

         {please understand that I have worked hard to create an original item, market it and finally get it "out into the real world." i am so grateful for your support & ask that you not copy these items as they are part of a unique line of my own.}

Thursday, July 28, 2011

{week six. summer in snapshots}

It is time again for Summer in Snapshots
a fun and inspiring party hosted by Amber over at The {Starfish} Blog. 
This week has been a busy one with work and getting things
ready for school again...hard to believe it is just around the corner...
WHERE does the time fly these days?
Just some shots of day to day life around here...

Of course I will be linking this up to the wonderful party that Amber
hosts over at her sunny Starfish Blog!


Saturday, July 23, 2011

{ Linen Ruffles for Gabi }

My sweet Gabi has been waiting patiently for me to make a little toss pillow for her bed. { she just moved into her own place a week ago } when the photos kept coming of her new bedding I thought it was a hint I could no longer ignore.

I whipped this little cutie up this afternoon with some leftover linen I had from Christmas stockings...a black nylon made the large rosette, while the two smaller ones are made from bits of leftover cotton and muslin.

A few shabby ruffles and she is as sweet as can be...

...{ and the best part of all? Gabi squealed when she saw her....Love at first site...of course now she wants two more! }

I will be linking this up to a few of my favorite parties HERE!


Thursday, July 21, 2011

{ Feature Interview at the Screaming Sardine }

The lovely Tracy over at Screaming Sardine has done a feature interview with me on her fun and creative blog, Screaming Sardine!

She is famous for "celebrating the creativity in all of us!" and has featured many other super talented artisans. Please be sure to stop by, read the interview, enter the GIVEAWAY and check out some of the other inspiration on her blog!

Thank you Tracy!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

{ week 5. summer in snapshots }

It is time again for Summer in Snapshots
a fun and inspiring party hosted by Amber over at The {Starfish} Blog. 
This past weekend found my husband and I in the historic and breathtaking St. Augustine, Florida.
The living history that pulses throughout this city is amazing; at every turn another thrilling discovery. 
This is one of my favorite places to visit, and while we have traveled here many times, we always leave feeling as if we have stepped out of the past, bubbling over with newly acquired knowledge.

Of course I will be linking this up to the wonderfully party that Amber
hosts over at her sunny Starfish Blog!

Friday, July 15, 2011

{ woolie berry buttons }

 I just love these sweet little woolie buttons. I felted tiny berries on them and they are just so cute!

{Hope to have my new wool etsy shop up and running before too long so stay tuned for more on that!}

Earlier this morning my son found me this beautiful abandoned bird's nest in the woods behind our home. It had one tiny cracked little speckled egg in it that I am going to put back into the nest and use it as a little display on my library table. LOVE IT! So TWO pretty things in one day!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

{ week 4 - summer in snapshots }

It is time again for Summer in Snapshots
a fun and inspiring party hosted by Amber over at The {Starfish} Blog. 
This has been a week full of sunshine and beauty.
From water parks, to lake fronts...
... to stopping to smell the roses and  listening to a bird's song.
All the beauty that surrounds us and the beauty before us...
...each child's face telling a new story each time it faces the lens!

Welcome to Week 4. Please join in and follow along!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

{ a wake up call - and a little down time }

I had a wake up call this morning. At the first it saddened me...the news so right there in my face...and then I was awakened and realized the happiness that awaited me...

...and the story goes -

I woke up this morning and began my routine, for what is a life without routine? I wrote my Morning Pages, {something I learned from Julia Cameron, the author of The Artist's Way, A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity...thank you Sandi for leading me to her!} I whipped through some chores, made the children breakfast,put in a few hours for my "real job", and finally sat down with a cup of coffee to start my photo downloads & editing, read and answer email, creating  a new post... all the things that come with having a full fledged blog. Not a few minutes into it my Sophia came up to me and asked what I was doing. But she knew what I was doing. The same thing I do for myself every morning for an hour. I told her anyway. She sighed and wandered away. A few more minutes sailed past and she was back. This time undercover. Stealth in her black and white polka dotted tights and Daddy's black t-shirt. She skidded past me on her knees, swiffering the wood floor as she went and landed with a thud under my desk and knees.

My aggravated mother side muttered something silently, but the loving mother side calmly spoke.

"What do you need Sophia?"

"I am not Sophia, I am a ninja."

I ignored this and kept reading, working, trying to concentrate on what I was doing. A pause, and out she crawled. At least I had the good sense to notice she was a little dejected that I didn't play along. But still I read and wrote and edited.

Halfway through the next minute I am alerted to another surprise attack. This time by a much larger Ninja who is trying to slither his way behind my desk.

"Okay Ethan, I see you. What do you guys need? I am busy...go play for awhile...give me ten minutes...I am almost done..."

And there it was....

... from the depths of their sweet imaginary jungle I hear Sophie sadly utter a single sentence that sends my own heart plummeting to the jungle floor.

"But when you are done with that you will have something else to work on."

And the sadness came from the truth in that. I ALWAYS am doing something, working on something, creating something...and while 99% of the time those two little ninjas are having their own fun it is a fact that I need to be there the ONE time that they ask me to be...want me to be....NEED me to be.

And so there will be some down time. I vow to take REAL TIME this summer to ASK my little ninjas what THEY had planned for the day. Most of the time their plans won't include me....their forts and picnics and water balloon fights custom  made for two...but should they ask me to be a part of their day I will be there. ALL OF ME.

Will I be able to blog and edit and create every day? Probably not. Will my life be less richer for taking the time off? Definitely NOT. Will I lose readership? Most certainly....but my heart will be happy. My soul will be richer. My children will smile. That is really ALL that matters.

And so if you do not see me every day, here at this little blog of mine, it is because I am out LIVING my NOT SO SHABBY LIFE!

{p.s. I WILL BE HERE...just not every day....stick with me if you will!}

Saturday, July 9, 2011

{ fabric tags }

 Sweet new fabric tags for my goodies!

 I am gearing up because I had some fabulous news this week from my awesome friend Jami, over at Freckled Laundry...soooo.....

...stay tuned for more on that! 

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