Friday, July 8, 2011

{ muslin & leather plaquette cuff }

I love my leather cuffs, and I have many...but I am always looking to try something new with them...and so...

This is the latest. Another one of my coveted number plaquettes from my sweet friend Roben-Marie and her Art Goods Shop is front and center on this one! 

I criss-crossed walnut stained muslin to give it the look of cross stitched leather. 

Tied on a plaquette with more muslin and then finished it off with a mix of walnut stain and glossy mod podge. 

I went right over the top of the leather, muslin and all. It gave the muslin the look and feel of old leather. I LOVE IT!


Claire said...

i love the look of leather cuffs... but as i wear several bracelets already, there isn't room on my wrist :)

BECKY said...

Cute cuff, Rae!! Love the little number on it!!
Have a wonderful week, gal!!

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