Tuesday, July 12, 2011

{ a wake up call - and a little down time }

I had a wake up call this morning. At the first it saddened me...the news so right there in my face...and then I was awakened and realized the happiness that awaited me...

...and the story goes -

I woke up this morning and began my routine, for what is a life without routine? I wrote my Morning Pages, {something I learned from Julia Cameron, the author of The Artist's Way, A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity...thank you Sandi for leading me to her!} I whipped through some chores, made the children breakfast,put in a few hours for my "real job", and finally sat down with a cup of coffee to start my photo downloads & editing, read and answer email, creating  a new post... all the things that come with having a full fledged blog. Not a few minutes into it my Sophia came up to me and asked what I was doing. But she knew what I was doing. The same thing I do for myself every morning for an hour. I told her anyway. She sighed and wandered away. A few more minutes sailed past and she was back. This time undercover. Stealth in her black and white polka dotted tights and Daddy's black t-shirt. She skidded past me on her knees, swiffering the wood floor as she went and landed with a thud under my desk and knees.

My aggravated mother side muttered something silently, but the loving mother side calmly spoke.

"What do you need Sophia?"

"I am not Sophia, I am a ninja."

I ignored this and kept reading, working, trying to concentrate on what I was doing. A pause, and out she crawled. At least I had the good sense to notice she was a little dejected that I didn't play along. But still I read and wrote and edited.

Halfway through the next minute I am alerted to another surprise attack. This time by a much larger Ninja who is trying to slither his way behind my desk.

"Okay Ethan, I see you. What do you guys need? I am busy...go play for awhile...give me ten minutes...I am almost done..."

And there it was....

... from the depths of their sweet imaginary jungle I hear Sophie sadly utter a single sentence that sends my own heart plummeting to the jungle floor.

"But when you are done with that you will have something else to work on."

And the sadness came from the truth in that. I ALWAYS am doing something, working on something, creating something...and while 99% of the time those two little ninjas are having their own fun it is a fact that I need to be there the ONE time that they ask me to be...want me to be....NEED me to be.

And so there will be some down time. I vow to take REAL TIME this summer to ASK my little ninjas what THEY had planned for the day. Most of the time their plans won't include me....their forts and picnics and water balloon fights custom  made for two...but should they ask me to be a part of their day I will be there. ALL OF ME.

Will I be able to blog and edit and create every day? Probably not. Will my life be less richer for taking the time off? Definitely NOT. Will I lose readership? Most certainly....but my heart will be happy. My soul will be richer. My children will smile. That is really ALL that matters.

And so if you do not see me every day, here at this little blog of mine, it is because I am out LIVING my NOT SO SHABBY LIFE!

{p.s. I WILL BE HERE...just not every day....stick with me if you will!}


BECKY said...

Hi Rae,

Funny how blessings can come wrapped, huh? I take delight in being reminded of what really should be taking priority, when I seem to have strayed away a bit. I love knowing that God cares sooo much that He will show me. It just doesn't get any better than that, does it?

What rich lives we lead when we keep things in order and maintain the proper perspective.

I so appreciate your heart!
Enjoy...these days fly by, don't they?

Petite Michelle Louise said...

you can COUNT on it!

Lee said...

Good for you!!!
those days will pass so quickly...enjoy them while you can.
My youngest was home for ten days and I was not creative during that time...but enjoyed him and his girlfriend. Life continues to zoom by- enjoy each day!
Thanks for sharing your real life!

helen tilston said...

Great post which invites thought.

Post whenever you feel is best for you - blogging is a luxury


Lynn Richards said...

Go! Run! Play!!! You won't have Ninjas sliding at your feet asking for you for very long!!!!
There will be time to blog and work...somehow it fits together. But those Ninjas, I tell you what...they are what make the world right.

Angela C said...

Hello, my friend and I are in need of help from you wonderfully creative people. She is getting married next month and bought a bunch of old spoons to make into wedding favors. The project was a bust and we have all these old spoons and no ideas so any ideas would fantastic. Thanks.

cmarques said...

What a marvelous gift from those two amazing and creative and quickly growing up children. How awesome that they still want mom time.
I imagine you will be even more creative and richer from your adventures in Ethan and Sophie Land.:-)

Screaming Sardine said...

Aww, I remember those days of being "too busy." I'm glad you're able to spend more time with your wee ninjas!

Tracy Screaming Sardine

Gretchen said...

Been there, done that. :( Sad it took me so many years to figure out your lesson you learned. I was the Mom that was usually saying, "Just a minute. Let me finish this." Of course, I never seemed to finish... About 4 or 5 years ago I had a revelation of that and now, when my only child, almost 17, wants to talk to me, watch a movie, go shopping or out to lunch, etc., I drop everything and try to give her my time. Amazing what a gift this has been for us. Teenagers only want you on their terms, so that is why I learned to drop everything when those special times I am called upon. Balance is so important and running a business, invoicing, pkg, photographing, blogging, facebooking, answering emails, keeping up the home, doing laundry, etc. soon we have no time for our lovely children.
I'm proud of you for figuring this out while they're still young. You are an inspiration.

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