Monday, October 3, 2011

{delicious ruffled tutorial}

I made a few of these precious ruffled votive holders to accent my fall decorations...they also make adorable make your own, read on...
 ...this is so simple it doesn't seem worthy of a {tutorial} title...but here goes.


You will need:

{1} a clean, empty jar. I used a recycled grapefruit jar that measured approximately 7 inches x 2.5 inches.
{this is just so you will have an idea of how much fabric to use}

{2}sewing machine                                                                                                    {3}scissors   
{4} hot glue gun 
                        {5} fabric strips     
   {for my size jar I used three 1.75" x 3 yard strips}

First I ruffled all of my fabric strips on the sewing machine. I just adjusted the stitch lengths to extra long and ran the fabric through, creating a long straight stitch line down the center. {DO NOT BACK STITCH} at the start or end of your strip.

When you have done this to all three strips, gently tug on one of the threads at the end of your strip. Working from both ends, take turns {GENTLY} pulling on this thread until your entire strip is ruffled as heavily as you like. I ruffle mine pretty tight...okay, really tight. Repeat with the other two strips.

Now, starting at the top rim of the jar, choose a spot and put a medium size dot of glue. Place one end of one of your strips here and tack down. Gently twisting your ruffle, so it lays straight, create {SMALL} lines of glue and adhere the ruffle as you go. {Don't add too much glue at one time as it cools too quickly on the jar}

Continue gluing the ruffle on in this fashion. When you reach the end of one ruffled strip, tack down the end with glue to keep the threads from unraveling and start a new strip, being careful to overlap in a such a way that is looks like one continuous ruffle. {Just play with it, that is what I did}

 When you reach the end of your jar, trim off any excess ruffle and adhere the end with glue. {FLUFF} your ruffles.{these next two images are actually one ruffle short on top...the last image in this series shows the jar completed!}

Now you have a beautiful, yet {SWEET AND SIMPLE} vase or votive holder.


I will be linking this little ruffled beauty up here!


Blondie's Journal said...

What a pretty creation, Rae! And thanks for the tutorial...I'm all thumbs!


Petite Michelle Louise said...

oh sweet! I can see oodles of them , all in a row, on my mantle! (now to get busy....:)

Jann Olson said...

Very cute! Sometimes it great to have a fun and simple project. I think they would be lovely for a wedding.

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