Saturday, October 22, 2011

{ some fall decor and a happy harvest }

 Autumn, in all of it's {glory} is one of my favorite seasons. I love the change of colors. Even in Florida we experience a tiny bit of {fall} in the leaves and foliage around us...and on occasion, if we are lucky, in the weather.

The last few days have been {glorious} and the children and I have enjoyed sorting and placing out all of the harvest decorations.

Autumn decor is never quite as {warm} feeling in the day, so I tried to photograph our decorations in the evening...well taking photographs indoors, in the evening, even with a great camera is not an easy thing...

...this is what we were able to {harvest} out of all the images we shot...

The new {forever} jack-o-lanterns are wonderful...I love their soft glow, and endless life. A few white gourds and my favorite year round {pear lovies} and I feel as if I went to the Farmer's Market.
 Autumn colored leaves, on strands of silk garland, make all of my {white} pop this time of year. Touches of galvanized metal look beautiful with fall shades too...and while orange in not my favorite color, it works for {fall}.
 This kids always want {spooky}...I always just want {fall}. We meet in the middle. The mantel gets a lot of yummy strands of leaves and berries. For Halloween I add in strands of black silk oak leaves and a spooky, glittery crow. After the last of the {tricks and treats} have gone, I pluck out the {eery remnants} and let the rest stay in place through Thanksgiving.
 ...except for {Pepper}. She is a permanent, if not {spooky} feature.
 A few years ago I stumbled across a sweet Halloween Tree. This year I decided to mimic my Christmas tree's {tulle} skirt and placed a smaller version of one under the tree. I nestled some autumn goodies in the tulle and it is so sweet!
 I love the miniature orange globe lights on the {not-so-spooky} Black Tinsel Halloween Tree. Adding in a strand of silk magnolia leaves gives it some character.
 The foyer gets a make-over similar to the mantel. Lots of {Autumn} color, with some black silkies added in. The dried corn husk wreathe adds simple contrast to the black front door.
 A {sweet} spindly wreathe is an old lovie.
 A simple strand of fall leaves hangs in wisps above the double doors heading to the backyard.
One of my favorite fall plants is {bittersweet}. I have several pieces tucked in here and over the mantel.
 The kids love the {not-so-spooky} tree, as Sophie has so appropriately named it.
Her personal favorite? The {not-so-spooky} ghosts and pumpkins that hang from it.
 My desk plays host to {no orange}. I have to have my little bit of just {white}. Even at the holiday. 
One small white gourd perches atop a stack of cigar boxes that I painted.
 Another whimsical Halloween Cat stands guard over a tiny vintage bowl of cherry tomatoes.
The reason for his guardianship? These are very {special} tomatoes. Miss Sophia planted a tiny seed a few months ago. She has seen that seed turn into a giant flowering plant that stands over 5 feet tall.
A sweet {tomato and mozzarella} salad to be made very soon!
 I love vintage, and Holiday Decorations are no exception. This sweet tin {eek} sign is one of favorite 
Halloween items. It is a perfect mate to the {vintage} collection of statues I have.
White pumpkin and berry garland keep company with the statues.
 I love all of the white and lights. They make the {orange} more bearable!
 Since Miss Sophia had to have a shot of her favorite {not-so-spooky} Halloween Tree, Ethan had to have a shot of the {very spooky} Halloween Wreathe. It hangs from the mantel and has lots of spooky moss and black roses adorning it. Fall leaves and a Haunted House Sign add some fun. 
Ethan's favorite part of the wreathe? The wobbly-bobbly skeleton!
  The huge silver star above the mantel helps reflect the light. The autumn colored lampshades cast an eery glow. It is very pretty after dark, with the high lights off. I wish the photographs would have turned out!
Spooky fun and color everywhere!
 A vintage baby bathtub from an old orphanage in South Florida is filled to overflowing with a giant corn husk garland and assorted gourds and pumpkins...oh yes, and a stem of white flower. {for me}
 {oh how lovely! the top half of the {not-so-spooky} Halloween tree decided to sputter out just in time for this evenings photo session! Yeah!}

Hoping you and yours have a very { Happy Halloween } !

I will be linking up these {funky fall} decorations at Funky Junk Interiors - Saturday Nite Special!


helen tilston said...

Your home looks so festive and all ready for Halloween.

Thank you for a joyful post
Helen Tilston

Sandi Keene said...

Your house is so festively beautiful! Wow, you are so talented when it comes to design! Loved all the pics!!

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Your home looks wonderful!! How charming!

Jann Olson said...

Everything looks wonderful! Ispecially love the vintage looking decor. I so want one of those bathtubs. My SIL has one and I love it. Keeping my eyes out for one. Love your pops of white. Everything looks so warm and inviting!

SueBee said...

Your home looks so warm and inviting even in orange! I'm not an orange person either but I do add a bit this time of year. I'm in Orlando also and have notice a little fall feeling lately.
Have you heard of the Fancy Flea in Lakeland Nov 12th? We are having a booth there for the first time. It's a great show. If you go we ar Chic and Shabby, say hello!
Enjoy your week~SueBee

Diane said...

You have a beautiful home. Love all the Halloween decor, love the tree. Hugs, Diane

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