Saturday, November 19, 2011

{ i am thankful }

Recently someone very dear to me became ill. While this man is not my {father}, he is someone I have called {dad} my entire life.

Two weeks ago he was diagnosed with Stage IV Advanced Prostate Cancer. The treatment was immediate, and so were the consequences. A rare and very serious side effect left us racing for the emergency room within hours of the injection. A three hour long operation to remove a large tumor that had ruptured in his brain, as a result of the treatment ensued. It has been a long and scary process.

Here it is two weeks later. He is recovering, but certainly not himself. He will come home the survivor of a brain operation, but his cancer will remain. I have given up hours upon hours of each day to keep his company...I have postponed appointments, and work continues to stack up on my desk. I have delegated most of my chores to my kind and ever helpful husband and children and learned that staying up way too late and getting up way too early are habits that can indeed be learned.

Some days I have been irritable that this devastation has fallen in my lap. This man has two biological children who could take the time to come here to be with him. Help him. Comfort him. Some days I am strong and carry my burden with shoulders high - yet another gift to God. The gift of caring. The gift of sacrifice. Some days I cry. I am tired, I am mad and I miss my family...but most days I am {THANKFUL}.

I am thankful for the gift of life. I am thankful for the gift of health. I am thankful that I have two men in my life that I can call {dad}...I am thankful that I have a supportive and adoring husband and responsible and caring children...and I am thankful for the gift of {REAL FRIENDSHIP}.

Right before this calamity struck, I was the honored recipient of many gracious gifts...

One woman I call friend blessed me with a rare and wonderful retreat...the chance to forgive myself and the world around me...the chance to be with people I love in a beautiful place. She continues to uplift me and remind me that I matter...that LIFE will not get the best of me. For that and for her { I AM THANKFUL}. {i love you Lorraine}

One woman I call friend has done one kind thing after another for me...little treats that I should and can not do for myself. Every day things that make me smile. She is supportive and encouraging..and makes me believe I am worthy...and she is kind and patient in waiting for what is hers...for these things and for her { I AM THANKFUL}. {i love you Sandi}

One woman I call friend continues to check up on me...calls and texts and cards in the mail. She makes me smile and always thinks of me and my wildly crazy life. She is always pointing out my sweet and wonderful children and their accomplishments, applauding their growth and mine...for these things and for her {I AM THANKFUL}. {i love you Barbara}

One woman I call friend thinks of me out of the blue. {Little Birdies} tell her things and then I find sweet goodies in the mail. She knows what is precious to me...and why...For this I and for her { I AM THANKFUL}.  
{i love you Cathy}

One woman I call friend, I have yet to meet. I talk to her via email and we have discovered a great kinship. She, too, thought of me recently and mailed me something most beautiful handmade necklace. She is amazingly talented and I will treasure her gift always. I look forward to the day when we shall meet. For this and for her {I AM THANKFUL}.
{i love you Gretchen}

One woman I call friend, I feel like I have known forever, and yet she and I have not met either...messenger of {angelic}thoughts. She sends me a kind word, a supportive thought, a cheery note, a surprise gift...and always a surprise it is. She has a calming beauty radiating from her words. She makes me smile. For these things and for her {I AM THANKFUL}. {i love you petite michelle}

One woman I call friend has been here for me through thick and thin. She sees the good the bad and the ugly in me and still she remains true. She calls, she listens, and yet she calls again. She is brutally honest and deeply sincere. She loves me no matter what and has made a great effort to comfort me these days. For these things and for her { I AM THANKFUL}.  
{i love you Connie}

I love these woman. Each and every one of them. With all of my heart and soul...and while I love their goodies and treats to pieces, it is {THEM} that mean the world to me. I think of each of them daily and can not bear for them to think that I do not. I am crazy and I am busy and and I am hectic, and so I have been remiss in my etiquette. There has been no time for thank you notes...less time for abbreviated text message at best...{BUT THEY ARE WORTH MORE} and I need them to know this. {THESE WONDERFUL WOMEN} are who I have admitted into my life, my soul, with a smile. I am so very {THANKFUL|} for each of them.

So here is your {THANK YOU}. 


My little handmade card that expresses my overflowing thanks.
No matter what comes my way in life, I LOVE YOU.


Sandi Keene said...

You are so loved. We are with you. xoxo

Blondie's Journal said...

With thankfulness there seems to be a great positivity in your life. And with friends, the thankfulness seems to be bountiful. Hang in there. I am sending many prayers your way.


Gretchen said...

Rae you are a delight to me. So thankful God in His divine way has brought us together as soul sisters in Him and in art.
I'm sad to hear of your special Dad's recent health issues and trust that you will have the strength to be what he needs during his time of illness and that the Lord provides you with the extra touch you need from Him during these tough times as well.
Thankful you are surrounded by many that love you! I so love the way He works in our lives and how He uses people in mysterious ways. So happy to know that when He spoke to me, I listened, and that your "Holy and Beloved" necklace brings you joy. Remember always that you are His Beloved and through His touch are Holy. Continue your journey to becoming all that He wants you to me. Life is so exciting and the journey to becoming more what He desires for us.
Thank you for this humbling post of honor. I love you my friend! One day we WILL meet in real life. :) Thought of you today...

Petite Michelle Louise said...

this touched me deeply rae......VERY deeply. i am at a loss for words so i shall say no more. know that this post is a treasured "gift" as is your friendship!

Gail said...

Gratitude is the best gift of life.
Thanksgiving Day should be a 365 day celebration if you ask me ( of course, I'd be HUGE from eating so much pie)

"With thanksgiving" is how our Father asks us to pray. Sound like you're in that flow while dealing with the health issues of your {dad}

Roben-Marie said...

You have been in my thoughts and prayers, Rae! You bring sunshine to so many! Know that you are loved! Hugs!

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