Thursday, November 3, 2011

{two pumpkins, two spirits, one love of creating}

 This was what each child was given. A single, beautiful pumpkin. No guidelines, no rules, no restrictions.

{Just carve.}

As they began, I knew that each pumpkin would get a different makeover, each child being so different in their own personalities.

It was amazing to watch as they created, carved.

One child dug right in. No planning, no strategies, no worries. Just a hunker down attitude that made me smile. She reveled in the {ooey gooey} parts and would have been content to make pumpkin seed and mush pies all day. Not a planner. Just a {fly by the seat of your pants kinda gal}.
One child was pensive, tentative. Sure he loved the {ooey gooey} part too, but in a slightly {okay step one is complete, let us please move on to step two now way} His pumpkin on the other had did not have one single strand of flesh, not a solitary seed left in it when his cleaning and scraping was complete.
One child grabbed a pen and began to draw. I asked her what her pumpkin would represent. "I'm not sure!" she said. "Maybe Harry Potter." Quick as a fox her hand raced across the face of the pumpkin. In approximately 5.6 seconds her {giant orange squash} had a face...

 ...Harry Potter it was. At least I thought so. It had glasses. I assumed. Something I should never do when it comes to Little Miss Sophia.

 One child sat. And sat. And sat. Thinking and planning what to draw. What to {transform} HIS gourd like squash, aka {Cucurbitaceae} into...
 One child wielded a tool and went to work. Sawing away like there was no tomorrow....not giving much thought to the lines she had drawn....just {winging it} as she went...
 One child finally came up with a plan...a {robot} it is. After a careful steadying of the pumpkin, he lined up, mapped out and began to draw his very careful lines.
 One child hacked away...determination and speed driving her.
 One child carefully inserted the saw tool and slowly and with great care began to punch out his lined areas. One at a time. On the line. Exactly on the line.
 Time was his friend. Accuracy his goal...
... precision ultimately important.
 ...and so they worked. Her face a tell tale sign of the delight she was having in carving...
 ...his showing the determination of a rocket scientist.
 And so I learned how wrong I was. {Again.} Not Harry Potter at all. It was Sophia herself. The "scar" on her pumpkin's "forehead", not a scar at all. Bangs. Yep. Bangs. Sophia doesn't have bangs. But she wants bangs, and so her pumpkin self image has them...or one anyway...and green hair. Who knew?
 And I was contented in knowing that Ethan's intended robot would be just that. {a robot.} He would follow through no matter the obstacles that befell him along the way. He was predictable, but thorough. Not the {fly by the seat of your pants gal} that Sophia was. He was my {mini rock}. The {chip off the proverbial block}. His father's son. Someone I could depend on with my guesses.
So when the carving was complete, and the pumpkins on display, all were happy. Two children. Two pumpkins. Two very different spirits, but {one love} of creating.
{and the perfect mix of me...someone who writes all of her dreams in her agenda. someone who will fly anywhere with her planner.}


BECKY said...

Too cute, Rae! Our 22 yo daughter attempted to carve her first pumpkin by herself, and well...lets just say...he was left undone, and suffered a moldy demise! I like pumpkins better not carved anyway!!
HA! Have a great Friday and weekend!!
Hugs to you!

Lorraine Bell said...

I sooooo love the metaphor! What a beautiful afternoon you must have had! xoxo

helen tilston said...

Such an interesting sight and each one is individual. Did you carve along with them too?

Have a lovely weekend

Helen xx

Gretchen said...

What a great post. Every time you described your son, I saw myself in him. Than at the end when you spoke of the fly by the seat of your pants with Ms. Sophie, I thought of my own tendencies as well. I'm one that is always up for spur of the moment fun and little planning ahead of time.
Gretchen :)

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