Thursday, June 23, 2011

Interview with Sandi Keene at Secret Lake Diaries

It isn't very often that  one soul will stumble across another and the past comes rushing up behind them with a tornadic urgency - catching them up for all time. I am one of those fortunate souls. In the not so distant past I was introduced to someone who is now a driving force in my life. The constant zephyr that is relentless in it's task. Sandi Keene- soul two.

She was tender at first. Making suggestions, pointing out directions, every faithful with the encouraging words. But the winds were shifting. Bigger things were brewing for me in her mind. And so a tender breeze grew into sturdy and constant wind. Inspiration flooded my inbox. Steady encouragement blossomed into steadfast reassurance. Bits and pieces of wonderfully creative debris filtered into my life through this new and lovely soul. It is something like the sunshine after a storm to find yourself surrounded by such a presence.

Read the interview here:

Interview with Rae Missigman

Please stop by Secret Lake Diaries and meet Sandi Keene 
for even more encouragement, inspiration & love.


Heather Williams said...

Hi, Rae! I just found & started following your blog through Jami's Freckled Laundry blog. I wasn't sure where else to leave my comment as it isn't related to this post but Jami's; however, I wanted to share how touched I am w/ your journey of ♥ stones & your angel share w/ you. I, too, am a ♥ lover...have been since I was a very little girl, in fact, I cannot even think of a single moment when I haven't loved them. Anyway, over 13 yrs ago, when I was pregnant w/ my son, I found my very 1st ♥ shaped stone (at the beach) & haven't left the beach since w/out finding at least one....& more often than not I leave w/ a's more like they find me. I have one pink & one red w/ the rest being white or grey in color. The red one I found in Aug. '08, just before what would have been my brother's 31st birthday (the 1st bday w/ out him here on earth; & not even a year since he had walked on)...not only that, for the 1st time ever, I found a few in the shape of an angel's wing; along w/ a couple of stones shaped in the letter J...when my brother was little that is what we wrote instead of writing his name out fully as his nickname was Jay. I must say...this happens w/ my Mom as well. On that same day in Aug, my Mom, also, found a few J shaped stones, w/ one having the letter "J" naturally imprinted upon doubt to either of us that he was right there w/ us...blowing in the breeze, whispering sweet nudges of love that he had never really left us....he was truly okay. Many blessings & thanks for taking the time to read this...I know it was a bit long! : ) ~H♥~

Oh...and I still find angel wing stones w/ a few J's here & does my Mom. It's almost magical how it happens...perhaps divine better describes it.

helen tilston said...

Hello Rae
Found your blog through Jami at Freckled Laundry. I am enjoying reading your posts and have signed to follow you
Helen Tilston

Burlap Luxe said...

Hello Rae,
I left a comment over at jami's Freckled laundry, Similar story of hearts and a story of love when my 4 year old found a heart rock for me and some rock bird shaped eggs!

I was taken to a saddened feeling yet also love that your son watches over his Moms heart!

Love to get to know you better, I am following you and your soulful heart and blog now!

see you and your beauty soon!

BECKY said...

Dore found the word I needed to describe you...soulful!! What a delight you are, Rae! And how incredibly sweet of you to email me.
Loved the interview, learning more about you, and love your introduction to Sandi right here. You write sooo beautifully!!

I forgot to email you back but will now!!
Have a fabulous weekend! Love your summer shots, too!
Hugs to you!

Petite Michelle Louise said...

bon jour rae.....i just read sandi's interview with you and wanted to say how much i LOVED it! getting to know "you" even better has been such a pleasure mon amie. how serendipitous that our paths have crossed and we have made a "connection" here. i am richer for it! :)

PS I see your follower list is steadily growing! I knew it would....

Roben-Marie said...

I so know THIS Sandi you mention! She is a wonderful friend and mentor in so many ways! I am thrilled that so many good things are coming your way, Rae! You so deserve it!! Hugs!

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