Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Talented Design Team Lets Me Join In!

It is such a joy to be a part of something you love. To spend time creating things you adore. To work alongside of the people you admire...

...I am so fortunate to know the beautiful owner, Stacey, of The Scrappy Boutique . I am proud to call her my friend. She is talented, funny, kindhearted. She is hard working, encouraging, brave. I adore her Boutique, an upscale scrapbook store offering the best of all the most popular lines. I have long since been a fan of her classes and crops and retreats... when Stacey recently approached me about helping her with her new online store, Scrappy Boutique, I gladly accepted! It has been such a delight to get to know her team on yet another level. They are, as a whole, a deeply creative, dynamic and talented group of individuals. I have loved all they have offered to teach me and I am truly grateful for all of their encouragement and support as I learn the proverbial 'ropes!'

I was even more delighted this past week when these wonderful gals allowed me to become a part of
their fantastic Design Team! The amount of creativity and inspiration that you will find in this store is over the top. I continue to be amazed each and every time I see one of their new projects!

Please take a moment to stop by and check out all of the dynamite inspiration you will find both at Shop Scrappy Boutique . com  and at Scrappy Boutique ...and if you are local to central Florida, please hop over to The Scrappy will be so happy that you did!

{ I was not paid to do this little "plug"
for my brave & beautiful friend.
I did it because I love her and she 
works hard and deserves the recognition.}


Sandi Keene said...

Stacey is lucky to have you! And yes her design team is amazing!

Petite Michelle Louise said...

oh how wonderful for you! sounds like an awesome adventure in expanding your "creative wings." Bonne Chance mon amie!

helen tilston said...

Beautiful post and I am sure you are constantly in a creative mode. To creativity and art
Helen Tilston

cmarques said...

I am thrilled for you that you are evolving and creating daily in such a soulful and heartfelt way. Really enjoying reading your stories and bits and pieces. You inspire me to get my creative on! xoxox

Stacey Adams said...

You amaze me! xoxoxoxo

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