Wednesday, September 14, 2011

{day 3. pin cushion with vintage gauze trim}

So I know that I have been going crazy with this {inky vintage gauze trim} but I just can't get enough of it. Today I used it as a shabby ruffled trim on a pin cushion I fashioned from a few scraps of muslin.

That tiny cream colored flower is from my vintage findings collection. I use them sparingly as they are so hard to find anymore. This one was part of a tiny "boquet" that still had the stems in tact. I just sewed over the stem a few times to adhere to the front panel of my pin cushion.
 Remember that hand dyed vintage seam binding that I used on that tiny package?
That is the creamy blue trim used to make the tiny rosettes...
I love this paper was stamped with letters in a really cool circus style font.
 I have been really great about using up what I have on hand lately, so I filled my pin cushion with some leftover "beads" that we needed for a school project. They are most often used to stuff fabric dolls.
Since the muslin is a very think fabric, the beads worked better than the traditional "sand".
No leakage once you have a few pin holes in your fabric.
 Another perk to using the beads, is that the pin cushion will stand quite easily too...
 Of course, the vintage style pins don't hurt either!
 I love the look of the free form stitching, so I just zig zag back and forth over anything I am stitching numerous times...this way it looks random and sweet at the same time.
 See how I stitched the stem? Just a few lines back and forth to tack it down.
 The same with the paper flower...{isn't that dyed gauze trim just yummy?}
 I have made more than a few pin cushions and I like to leave one whole side unstitched to fill it...this way I can hand stitch the last side to look gathered, or ruffled. I love this look. Makes me think of a vintage sack filled with some yummy textile.
 This little project only took about 40 minutes, including gathering supplies. I always take a bit of time laying my design out, so it could go quicker depending on how involved you make your front panel.
If you decide to make a pin cushion with your vintage hand dyed trim I would love to see a photograph of it when it is complete!
Happy Sewing!


Sandi Keene said...

Ooh I love the yumminess of this pin cushion. I wouldn't have thought of making one end ruffly after filling - it is so lovely! What a great project. Thanks for the tutorial. Can't wait for my gauzy trim to arrive!

Petite Michelle Louise said...

ooh tis si very sweet! VERY sweet rae! j'adore...tfs mon amie! ;)

Lorraine Bell said...

So beautiful!!!!! It has your "style" written all over it!

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