Wednesday, September 7, 2011

{yummy vintage gauze trim gets a dye bath}

 A peek at the yummy new colors I have been using in the {DYE LAB}!

I stumbled across a large roll of this beautiful {OLD} gauze trim in a local shop and fell in love with it. It was not a good deal, and while I often limit my purchases to just that, I could not leave without said trim.

After a bath in lavender water, I dyed each batch a beautiful bright shade of the rainbow. After a good scrunching and lot of drying it is now ready for the etsy shop.

I plan to use this trim { I hesitate to call it ribbon as it has the original unfinished edges of old world gauze trim} on a new hooked project in the coming weeks.

Enjoy looking at all the beautiful colors...they make me smile!

{And me a lover of white!}


Petite Michelle Louise said...

oooh..a refreshing change from all that "white" (as much as I adore it!!)

Sandi Keene said...


Lorraine Bell said...

Takes my breath away! Makes me want to take a "lick"!

Sandi Keene said...

Stopped drooling over these and just bought some. Definitely lickable!

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