Monday, September 5, 2011

{less than perfect, ODD and why they create HARMONY}

I am a detail person. I love the comfort I receive from having things in order. Every little item its' own rightful home... when I find perfect order in the more random aspects of everyday life it uplifts me.

Of course to me this means numbers. Perfect would be odd. Odd would be perfect. Not {TWO} but {THREE}. I get such a soothing feeling from this odd inbalance, this less than perfect duo.

And so when I look to my left and I see this {PERFECT TRIO} looking out at what? it doesn't matter, because the beauty of the scene is them. {THREE} so absorbed, so intense. I feel all three hearts beating, sense all three minds reeling.

One mind intent and focused would be beautiful. Two minds quizzical and wondering would be amazing...but {THREE} minds...three minds, searching and inhaling the beauty around them is oddly perfect. It is {HARMONY}.

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