Wednesday, August 31, 2011

{there is no medicine like laughter...and a healthy dose of friendship}

You might remember that recently I vowed to {LIVE} a great deal more and  {BLOG} a great deal less. I have been faithful to this self made promise and I have reaped the rewards. 
To have a few {GREAT FRIENDS} is to be considered fortunate. 
To be able to leave the door open to your {SOUL} when you are in their company is a {BLESSING.}
I know this good fortune.
I am this blessed.

I, once again, found myself in the company of not one, not two, but {FOUR} cherished friends last weekend.
I was, once again, {LOVED & UPLIFTED}.
 I was, once again, {RESPECTED & LISTENED TOO}.
I was, once again, {RESTORED}.

I consider myself to be {BEHOLDEN UNTO GOD} for the gift of these women I call {FRIENDS}.
I am blessed beyond measure.
I am loved without condition.

Each woman brought to the table a gift fit for a king.

One brings a gift for creating beauty. A beauty that shines. A beauty that makes the others smile. Creations that bring joy and inspiration world wide.

One brings the gift of compassion. A deep and real love for mankind. A gift for seeing the good in everyone, everything. An ability to make one feel worthy...even when we feel we are not.

One brings the gift of insight. A knack for seeing and knowing who we are, even when we doubt ourselves. A gift of direct and unwavering love. A keen sense worth. She is a steady pipeline that connects us all to one another.

One brings the gift of optimism and laughter. A bounty of charitable thoughts and ideas. A superior mind filled with creative & loving ideas. An all encompassing spirit of good and possibility. 

And when I sat across the table from these women and their gifts I realized something.
While each woman might have placed their own sweet boon on the table, their one ingredient ready to be added to this wondrous and rare recipe of kindred friendship, their was something else...
...I looked around and  I realized that each one of these extraordinary women had taken on the
collective gifts of the others. 

When at first I thought a single woman brought creative beauty to the table -  I now realized that each woman had brought the gift of creative beauty, but in her own dynamic way. The same for compassion and insight and optimism.

These women were indeed kindred spirits ... and I was among them. 
Uplifted and strong. 
 Dedicated and devoted. 
I was the fortunate one; adding to the pot, my own strength of creative beauty. My own cup of compassion. My own pinch of insight. My own dash of optimism.

And in the end? When the weekend was over and the time came, once again, to part ?
Well it was bittersweet. Like any great meal, I left feeling satisfied.
Full, yet hesitant to leave the table.
Sad that our time together was to be suspended....{FOR NOW}.

And so I have the next gathering to look forward too.

My appetite will grow in the interim and I will be ready to partake in the banquet of
love and laughter and creative inspiration. 

I will come to the table hungry with expectation...
...ready to feast on the joys of {REAL FRIENDSHIP}.

God is so good to feed my {SOUL} in such a way.
I am so very {BLESSED}.
I {LOVE} you all.


Sandi Keene said...

That is the most beautiful thing I have ever read. You slay me with your words and your heart. Love love love.

BECKY said...

He is good indeed, Rae! I am so glad He blessed you with such a wonderful time of refreshment with some of your soul sisters!! What a joy!

Hugs to you, sweetie!

bscmoore said...

Capturing feelings and putting them in are indeed creative, insightful, optimistic and you my soul sister!

Lorraine Bell said...

. . . and what did I ever do in this humble little life of mine to deserve being in the presence of these amazing women and to be called {FRIEND} by you? I love you, Rae!

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