Tuesday, August 16, 2011

{rested, sun-kissed & back to busy}

It goes without saying that the time off from 
was just what we needed. WE. ALL OF US. 
It wasn't until we were a few hundred miles away from home, safe on a pretty little island that we all heaved a collective sigh.

It was as if the whole family looked around at once and realized what we had been missing...time together. 
We laughed, we rested, we laughed a whole lot more.
We were comfortable. We enjoyed each others company. We wandered and never looked at a clock...never asked what day it was...never made a phone call.
I missed my family.
I missed all the time that life cheats us out of...
...but we made a pact.
We aren't going to let the every day hum drum life swipe from us what is {LIFE REAL}. We aren't going to sacrifice out laughs or our hugs or our simple moments anymore.
 We are going to carve out time. 
Time for games, time for walks, time for random love and hugs. Time for each other.
Vacations are a thing of rare beauty around here. We can not afford to wait around for another one.
Time for "mini vacations." 
There is no excuse for putting off today what we could do tomorrow.

The ride home was quiet. We were rested, sun-kissed and a little sad that we would be 
in no time. We were thinking. Thinking that we loved what we have. Cherish out time together.
Rarer today than it was yesterday. 
Bad economies led to worse hours at work.
Worse hours at work led to less time together.
Children are growing and leaving the nest. This year one couldn't make the trip. 
Next year it might be two, or three. No one knows today.
Time is precious. More precious the older we all get.

Tomorrow will just have to wait.

{more beautiful beach photos to come}


helen tilston said...

So delighted to read of your incredible holiday away at the coast.

You have such a wonderful attitude.

Wishing you many more mini breaks

Sandi Keene said...

So glad you got some time away. Can't wait to see you next weekend!

BECKY said...

Oh Rae, I can tell how full your heart is! What a joy for you and your family. The economy forced my side of the family to cancel our every other year family reunion this year...what a difficult choice, but we know that for now it was the right one.

Here at home we steal minutes and cherish moments...knowing that more big life changes are coming.

I love that saying:
Life is change...growth is optional.

We choose to grow through it all, and are committed to staying a tight knit family no matter what!

God, family, and then everything else! It all pales in comparison, doesn't it?

So delighted for you!
This really warmed my heart up, and that photo of you and your hubby is priceless!

Big Hugs,

bscmoore said...

Nirvana with your precious family. So happy you soaked it all in. I missed you! See you next week.

Lorraine Bell said...

So when life gets crazy {and it certainly WILL}, go back to that beach in your mind, hug yourself, look up at the sun and say, "I can do this." Love you, sweet, sweet friend!

Petite Michelle Louise said...

a gorgeous family...really rae! you are blessed indeed!

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