Friday, August 5, 2011

{see you in eight days...}

It has been two long years since our family went on a vacation together. Time and jobs and all the other little divets in life kept getting in the way.

Well God has blessed us with a tiny window of opportunity -that coupled with the gift of extreme budgeting -and we are off to the beach for a week.

When we had ALL FIVE of the kids together on that last trip it was so wonderful...and yet we knew it was maybe the last time it would happen. 

With the girls getting older  {18,20 & 22} it is just getting harder to plan around their jobs, as well as ours.

...I think we have been blessed beyond words to have them along for as many adventures as we have...this year we are revisiting this happy and memory filled little island minus one.

{ the sweet joys of having children from 10 -22}

Our oldest daughter just could not get the time off work and while it is 
heart breaking to us, and her, she is quickly realizing how "unfair" LIFE can be.
With her own new little place and bills to pay, it just was not a good time for her to leave work.
We will miss her deeply and are hoping that the weekend will allow her a short escape.

{six sets of crossed fingers can't hurt}

We hope that this year will bring as much adventure and blessed weather as two years ago...
...the time together...the real down time is what we are all seeking.

Eight days of sweet, precious time to relax, explore, connect.

It will be Heaven!

Enjoy your week !


Petite Michelle Louise said...

oh rae..i am so happy for you! enjoy your lovely escape with your beautiful family! we'll be waiting for your return!

BECKY said...

Hi Rae! Looking forward to hearing about you wonderful time on the island! I love how we feel after time away...such a blessing~~all refreshed and ready to take on the world!

Hugs to you...looking forward to the photos!!

Lynn Richards said...

Oh, enjoy every single minute!!! I love, love, LOVE the picture of your kids as they are walking away. Hope you have many happy memories and that your eldest can sneak away!

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